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fma_rp_direct's Journal

Fullmetal Alchemist Roleplaying Directory
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iIt's exactly as it is stated above, this is a role playing directory for any fandom at all [Even including originals.] It started off for simply FullMetal Alchemist and has expanded as people's interest expand. So if you roleplay something other than Fullmetal Alchemist, you may post that as well.
Whether you role play by an instant messenger platform, myspace, livejournal, or community you can be added here if you are interested in seeking others to role play with....

This community is basically self sustaining.
All questions please address them HERE


First things first, please no bashing, gah I hate it soooo much, so please don't do it...
that goes to cussing also...
this is suppose to be fun, so have a good time!
If you are not happy with the person you have been roleplaying with, well so what, let them down gently and find someone else. This is suppose to be FUN!


The Applications.
There are TWO ways to apply. Individual and Community.

Individual Application
Name :
Characters :
Prefered verse (Anime or manga, book or movie, AU/AT, etc) :
Platforms (LJ,AIM,Yahoo!,MSN, email) :
Screen name or email at which to reach me :
Times I am available :
(do you friendly, romantic[het, yaoi, incest, OT3/multiple partners, comedy, crack parings], dramatic, crack, comedy, AU/AT, anything you think others should know before roleplaying with you). :
add the tags yourself (for example., Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Elricest, yaoi, just to name a few, if you aren't sure, just ask AND please look at the tags list that is already up.) :
[If you are posting for an original character for a specific show/movie/book please post the character's story and description under an lj-cut.]

Community Application
Name of community:
Characters/Fandoms involved :
Prefered verse
(Anime or manga, book or movie, AU/AT, etc) :
Notes : (Any additional information you wish to provide. Is it Friendly, Romantic, Adult? Ect.)

Make sure when tagging you use the tag "community".

To find what you are looking for go HERE

Disclaimer : I do not own any of the fandoms mentioned</div>