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02 January 2010 @ 09:43 pm

Name : Steph
Characters : Ed, Alphons, Al, Roy, Ling, Greedling.
Prefered verse Anime or manga. I'm up to date with Brotherhood, but not with the manga scans. Film-verse is good too.
Platforms : MSN, AIM or through LJ. If you message me we can swap them?
Screen name or email at which to reach me : as above and my AIM is: stephaniedesu
Times I am available : Weekends in the evening, British time.
Notes: het, yaoi, incest, yuri. I like the following pairings: Ed/Roy, Ling/Ed, Al/Ed, Ed/Hei Ed/Winry, Roy/Hughes...or suggest some, I don't mind. But I have never roleplayed before! I want to try it. Just saying in case that totally puts you off. XD
If you're interested, hit me up!

Current Mood: artisticartistic