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26 October 2009 @ 11:34 pm
HALF-APPS/INVITE A FRIEND AT apurgatorium: 11/1 - 11/14  

We're having a 'half application' period at Purg in November. If you don't know anyone currently playing in Purg, please mention where you saw this advertisement instead of a Player Referral.

If you have friends in Purg, feel free to list them as your referral - the amount of characters current members are allowed to app during this period depends on how many new people they bring into the game, so you'd be doing them a favor!

The original post for this can be found here, or continue reading for a quick overview specifically for non-members.

The Half-Application will be as follows:

Character Name
Character Fandom
Point in Time Character is Taken From
Personality (a link to another resource is fine)
History link

You can post one link for both personality and history if your link covers both clearly.

Third person sample (must be 150 - 200 words) THIS SECTION IS OPTIONAL
First person sample (must be six sentences if providing a third person, or ten if not. [can be multiple entries to cover the minimum requirement.])


Two characters may be applied for in the first week.
A third character may be applied after the first week ends if current characters have been active for at least five days.

Name of the current player who referred you is required.
If you don't have a current player referral, please include where you read about the Half App Period.

A temporary application page will go up for this on the appropriate dates, and comments will be disabled when the period is over. PLEASE DO NOT POST TO THE REGULAR APPLICATION PAGE WITH A HALF-APP, AS IT WILL BE DELETED. Do not apply in the half-app post before or after the allowed period, even if comments are still enabled.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Comment here, the original post or catch me on AIM at IcarusElric.

Remember. The claim period will start November 1st and continue through to November 14th.

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