August 16th, 2010


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Welcome to Abiudico. You are being detained at the high-security facility for crimes committed. However, you're not entirely sure what crimes you have committed in the first place. All that you do know is that before you found yourself here, you were living a perfectly 'normal' life.

The Prison itself consists of two floors. The upper floor houses the cells, each one decked out with a small bathroom containing a toilet, shower and sink. The outer room has a bed, a small bedside cabinet, and interestingly – a computer, complete with desk and chair.

During cell-open hours it would seem there is a lot to do around Abiudico. Many 'streets' fill the lower floor of the prison, oddly filled with the kind of shops and buildings you'd find in any normal town, including a library, restaurants, cafes, shops, and a very large, strange looking building at the far north of the city...

There are several people who work for the prison directly, each one of them working in the commercial areas of the lower floor. Every employee has an odd manner about them, and questions that don't relate to their immediate area of expertise are met with a flippancy you would expect of someone who was hiding something...

Speaking of oddness, for a prison there aren't many guards around to keep the peace. In fact, when you think about it, you haven't seen a single one since you arrived.

There appears to be a strict policy on timing in the prison. The doors to all cells open at exactly 7am, and close at 6pm in the evening. A siren sounds at 5pm, alerting prisoners that they should return to their cells. The 6pm door-lock is followed by 5 hours of light, and at 11pm exactly, all lights in the building switch off. After lights out, everyone in the jail seems to get very tired very quickly.


[Opening on Saturday 21st August 2010]