Shikyou Daemon (shiyouxdaemon) wrote in fma_rp_direct,
Shikyou Daemon

oh, Discordia! and the world grows darker! ---

World’s End, where a city left to ruin is slowly being rebuilt. Those who had been there before spoke of older gods, ones long gone now. Instead, there are three that now sit in power. They speak of a Crimson King who watched them with his mad red eyes, but even kings can bow to someone in good time. The world has Moved On. You wake up far from home, but look a little closer – maybe you’re not so far away at all. The Castle That Never Was sits up at the very boundary of the city while the Raccoon City Police Department is just a block from the center. Shin-Ra Company stands now only at five stories versus the seventy of before, and the Triforce of Hyrule is etched into the stone of the Sanctuary. Out in the sea – sometimes as red as roses, red as blood – the Dark Tower stands, lobstrocities acting as ever-questioning sentinels along the shore. Humans, Demons, Elves, and everything in between have been forced to live alongside each other, and direwolves and wights from Westeros roam the land along with the T-virus mutated undead. Dementors and Redead lurk in the graveyard, hoping to catch the unwary. The gods here hold all in balance, the black, the white, and the grey in between. Or at least, they’re trying to. For another goddess is moving, seeking freedom from her cell in the Dark Tower out to sea – commala, commala, commala, can you say Discordia? ---

A Trial by Fire is a panfandom roleplay originally based on the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
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