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Purgatorium - time for change

What if you suddenly woke up in another world, free of all your previous responsibilities and duties? What if you suddenly woke up in another time, seeing people you never thought would appear before you again? And what if you had one more chance, a chance to right your wrongs, and to make up for all the past mistakes you've made before?

A second chance for those who have sinned. A second chance for those who regret. A second chance, for everyone to discover themselves without being bound to the laws of their world.

Would you take this second chance and live a new life? Or would you try to escape, desperately seeking a way back to your own, normal life?

Would you sacrifice the opportunity to see loved ones you once lost, sacrifice the chance for peace or success that you didn't find in your life before, just to get back to where you "belong"?

Or would you choose the new path and take the chance to become a better person, in this new life.

Purgatorium is waiting for you.

What will your decision be?

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Although we're looking for several fandoms, not just Fullmetal Alchemist - for FMA in particular, we're looking for anyone that isn't Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric or Wrath.
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