Maes Hughes (graficmemory) wrote in fma_rp_direct,
Maes Hughes

Name : Ari
Characters : Maes Hughes
Prefered verse : Pick something! I'm not choosey, too much
Platforms (LJ,AIM,Yahoo!,MSN, email) : dystopian_flux I'm on graficmemory in AIM as well
Screen name or email at which to reach me : AIM -- Graficmemory and ping this journal
Times I am available : EST
Notes : I'll run with anyone, but right now, I'm in search of a Gracia! Yes, a Movie Gracia to help make my home game a true home. I want to show people how true romance works and yes, you CAN have plot development as well as a relationship with another character. Background information and 'break in play' before apping at the game is a must if you feel up to the long term challenge.

TAGS: Maes, Gracia, Roy, het, Romance, Long term plot

PSST: For just fun, I also have Ed Elric, Alphonse, Roy Mustang, Kain, Havoc, and Armstrong.
Tags: gracia, het, long term plot, romance, roy mustang
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