Permanent Way moderators (permanent_mods) wrote in fma_rp_direct,
Permanent Way moderators

The Permanent Way


Everyone had their own reasons for boarding the train. Well, now you're on it and you can't get off. The windows don't open and neither will the train's single door, located in the caboose, so you're stuck. You might as well make the best of it.

The Permanent Way is a multi-fandom alternate universe RP. Every character who is apped must be played from a universe that is not his or her own. Ever wanted to play Edward Elric as a Sailor Senshi or Cloud Strife as a Pokemon trainer? Here's your chance!

This mod has reserved Fletcher Tringham; all other FMA characters are available. Apping characters from other series in the FMA universe is also strongly encouraged.
Tags: community
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