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Welcome to Abiudico. You are being detained at the high-security facility for crimes committed. However, you're not entirely sure what crimes you have committed in the first place. All that you do know is that before you found yourself here, you were living a perfectly 'normal' life.

The Prison itself consists of two floors. The upper floor houses the cells, each one decked out with a small bathroom containing a toilet, shower and sink. The outer room has a bed, a small bedside cabinet, and interestingly – a computer, complete with desk and chair.

During cell-open hours it would seem there is a lot to do around Abiudico. Many 'streets' fill the lower floor of the prison, oddly filled with the kind of shops and buildings you'd find in any normal town, including a library, restaurants, cafes, shops, and a very large, strange looking building at the far north of the city...

There are several people who work for the prison directly, each one of them working in the commercial areas of the lower floor. Every employee has an odd manner about them, and questions that don't relate to their immediate area of expertise are met with a flippancy you would expect of someone who was hiding something...

Speaking of oddness, for a prison there aren't many guards around to keep the peace. In fact, when you think about it, you haven't seen a single one since you arrived.

There appears to be a strict policy on timing in the prison. The doors to all cells open at exactly 7am, and close at 6pm in the evening. A siren sounds at 5pm, alerting prisoners that they should return to their cells. The 6pm door-lock is followed by 5 hours of light, and at 11pm exactly, all lights in the building switch off. After lights out, everyone in the jail seems to get very tired very quickly.


[Opening on Saturday 21st August 2010]
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HALF-APPS/INVITE A FRIEND AT apurgatorium: 11/1 - 11/14


We're having a 'half application' period at Purg in November. If you don't know anyone currently playing in Purg, please mention where you saw this advertisement instead of a Player Referral.

If you have friends in Purg, feel free to list them as your referral - the amount of characters current members are allowed to app during this period depends on how many new people they bring into the game, so you'd be doing them a favor!

The original post for this can be found here, or continue reading for a quick overview specifically for non-members.

The Half-Application will be as follows:

Character Name
Character Fandom
Point in Time Character is Taken From
Personality (a link to another resource is fine)
History link

You can post one link for both personality and history if your link covers both clearly.

Third person sample (must be 150 - 200 words) THIS SECTION IS OPTIONAL
First person sample (must be six sentences if providing a third person, or ten if not. [can be multiple entries to cover the minimum requirement.])


Two characters may be applied for in the first week.
A third character may be applied after the first week ends if current characters have been active for at least five days.

Name of the current player who referred you is required.
If you don't have a current player referral, please include where you read about the Half App Period.

A temporary application page will go up for this on the appropriate dates, and comments will be disabled when the period is over. PLEASE DO NOT POST TO THE REGULAR APPLICATION PAGE WITH A HALF-APP, AS IT WILL BE DELETED. Do not apply in the half-app post before or after the allowed period, even if comments are still enabled.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Comment here, the original post or catch me on AIM at IcarusElric.

Remember. The claim period will start November 1st and continue through to November 14th.

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It's an age of piracy like you've never seen before.

The floating continent of Reial has been divided by war and strife for hundreds of years. To the east, the refined, powerful nation of Ivona. To the west, the loose confederacy of Vohemar, formed by the struggle between Ivona and those who would not be ruled by someone from half a world away. And in between them, the Badlands mountains loom high, separating the two squabbling nations with its monster-infested peaks and deserts.

The Badlands have been the battleground for these two powers for centuries and Joseph Falls-a revolutionary to some, a rabble-rouser and troublemaker to others-has called for the Badlands to unite and toss off the yoke of both Vohemaro and Ivonian colonialism.

And underneath the surface there’s Denouement, an organization whose ends are mysterious, but whose presence has been felt across the continent. They are responsible for terrorizing the ground and air with bombs and kidnappings, the assassination for the old Ivonian president, and some suspect they might have ties to the revolutionary Falls.

Everyone is always recruiting, whether they be Vohemaro, Ivonian, Badlands or independent-or even Denouement-but do not think their motives only run skin deep. Through it all, the people of this world sail the skies, trying to survive the turbulent times. Pirates, soldiers, merchants, thieves, actors, mercenaries, mad scientists, all of them united, despite their disparate views and allegiances, in wanting something better for themselves.

Choose a ship, declare your loyalty, and fight alongside your crew to make your dreams a reality.

theskytides: A plot-heavy steampunk multifandom AU game focused around airships with many opportunities for characters to get involved. Applications are open, so join today!

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Event Advertisement.

Sorry to anyone who's going to see this post more than once.

This isn't an advertisement for a game, so much as just one event - but that doesn't mean you can't put in an application if the premise looks interesting enough to you. The currently Taken Characters are listed in the tags, everyone else is open - and for Fourth Wall duplicates are encouraged.

The pan-fandom game apurgatorium is having a Fourth Wall Event in a few days, so I thought I'd throw this out there for anyone that might be interested in participating in the chaos.


That's all.
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oh, Discordia! and the world grows darker! ---

World’s End, where a city left to ruin is slowly being rebuilt. Those who had been there before spoke of older gods, ones long gone now. Instead, there are three that now sit in power. They speak of a Crimson King who watched them with his mad red eyes, but even kings can bow to someone in good time. The world has Moved On. You wake up far from home, but look a little closer – maybe you’re not so far away at all. The Castle That Never Was sits up at the very boundary of the city while the Raccoon City Police Department is just a block from the center. Shin-Ra Company stands now only at five stories versus the seventy of before, and the Triforce of Hyrule is etched into the stone of the Sanctuary. Out in the sea – sometimes as red as roses, red as blood – the Dark Tower stands, lobstrocities acting as ever-questioning sentinels along the shore. Humans, Demons, Elves, and everything in between have been forced to live alongside each other, and direwolves and wights from Westeros roam the land along with the T-virus mutated undead. Dementors and Redead lurk in the graveyard, hoping to catch the unwary. The gods here hold all in balance, the black, the white, and the grey in between. Or at least, they’re trying to. For another goddess is moving, seeking freedom from her cell in the Dark Tower out to sea – commala, commala, commala, can you say Discordia? ---

A Trial by Fire is a panfandom roleplay originally based on the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
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It seems like everything is finally back to normal in the Sinnoh Region.

A year has passed since Team Galactic was defeated, and for most people, it's like the events of last year never even happened. With no further space-time disturbances and dimensional rifts, everyone seems happy to go back to their everyday lives.

However, there are always rumors-the Sinnoh region is practically built on them-and everyone on the street has a story to tell. Team Galactic has mostly reformed into a philanthropic energy company; however, there are rumors that the team has splintered into the benevolent version that most people are now familiar with and an underground extremist group that is steadily gaining power to resume its attempt to find a limitless energy source and make the world their own. A foreign crime syndicate, Team Rocket, has moved in to take their place. Even Team Magma and Aqua are angling for a piece of the profits to be made in Sinnoh.

There are new Pokemon and strange evolutions of the older, more familiar ones.

But these are just rumors. The police have no evidence any new criminal organizations and the few pictures of these supposed new Pokemon have all been dismissed as hoaxes. However, that doesn't keep the whispers from passing from one ear to the next, and there are enough of those to make anyone wonder.

But who has time to worry when there are Pokemon to train, natural disasters to fight and Pokemon to study? Everyone knows the Sinnoh region is filled with gossips, why would this be any different?

Pokeology is a Panfandom Pokemon AU set in the Sinnoh Region of the Pokemon world that allows characters from almost any canon you can think of, as well as canon characters from all Pokemon games, manga, and the anime. Be a trainer, a coordinator, a breeder, a researcher, a ranger... or maybe your character would know a little more about the rumors of Team Rocket and Team Galactic than most, hm?

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